Gender Diversity in Tech is not a Women’s Problem

Female Drone Pilot Holding Drone

The stats are out demonstrating diversity (and not just in relation to gender) it makes more creative and innovative teams, better decisions for organisations and increases productivity.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency reports that women comprise 46.2 per cent of all employees in Australia, yet hold 14.2 per cent of chair positions, 23.6 per cent of directorships and represent 15.4 per cent of CEOs. Add to that the pay gap of 24 per cent identified by WGEA and there is some significant changes that need to be made.

But diversity is broader than gender and real cultural change needs to be more inclusive of the value of thoughts an ideas that come from just simply different areas of the business, cultural backgrounds and the backgrounds and values held by those in teams.

Organisations firstly need to recognise there is work to do and then develop strategies from recruitment to retention to support that diversity funnel through to senior management. Encouraging flexible working through HR policies, having parental leave available

There are now Male Champions of Change groups being established to support diversity in the C-suite. Great initiatives like InterTech Australia, an offshoot of InterTech UK, which was launched in 2014 by Facebook staff member Jan Hoffman which is an LGBTQIA support group for tech employees in Australia.

Unconsious bias is a huge area that needs to be addressed in recruitment so let’s all start making the change and challenging our own thoughts about diversity allowing people more opportunity to be what they can see!

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